Welcome to Ancient Archives

Welcome to Ancient Archives. Please find within its pages over 600 plus pictures, their origins and related articles. This has and continues to be a life long journey and investigation of ancient civilizations and cultures. Many of the pictures can be dated and an origin specified, however some cannot. Over the years I have received information from people who share my passion, and would appreciate your input from your own research efforts and encourage you to share any information that you might offer that I lack.  This is a joint effort and search for the truth or at least an attempt to understand what the ancient peoples were trying to convey or leave behind. Additionally, there are marks of intelligence throughout the world that differs with our written histories that beg the question, “who were these people?”

Due to the many pictures, I am not able to include research on every single one, but will offer new posts that will highlight some of the featured pictures with articles as well as the “Your Stories” page. Of course I have also included sources and links that will help the reader identify more information also.

Enjoy-and would love to hear your comments and thoughts!


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