Ancient Unsolved Mysteries Of Siberia

Siberia is full of secrets and although we have uncovered several ancient tombs, settlements and artifacts in this region, a number of unsolved ancient mysteries surround this place.These super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time in 2014 by Georgy Sidorov, researcher and a proponent of unconventional theories regarding humanity’s past, on his expedition to Siberian Mountains.There are no known earlier photographs of these megalithic stones, located in the vicinity of the Shoria Mountain in Southern Siberia.This massive wall of gigantic granite stones is veiled in the mists of deep antiquity.

There are only speculations regarding their cyclopean masonry, their builders, their technique methods and first of all, purpose and true meaning of their work.Scientists have not yet commented on the discovery, so the information about the structure is extremely limited. Thus, there is a possibility for all of us to hypothesize about their origin.Some of these megaliths could easily weigh 3,000 to 4,000 tons, and many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, sharp corners and right angles.”

So how does someone cut granite stones 3,000 tons with extreme precision, transported through the mountainside and stack 40 meters high?We have to throw away the commonly accepted version of history and its explanations for unusual and bizarre things. Several examples of prehistoric stone constructions have been found and they show a remarkable degree of sophistication.Could it be possible that there is much more in the history of our planet than we have been taught?Siberia is a place that is difficult to explore which is also a reason why the outside world has not heard anything about these astonishing megaliths until now.Winters are very cold in Siberia, and snow covers the land for many months. Summers are humid, infamous for their floods and myriads of mosquitoes. Those who have lived in the area keep fires in their huts all the year to save themselves from swarms of ever-present insects.The region has populated by various tribes since ancient times, as far back as the Mesolithic age.Earlier this year, archaeologists discovered a burial with human remains mummified seemingly by accident. The mummies were wearing copper masks.

A red haired man was found, protected from chest to foot by copper plating, among a group of bodies in a mysterious burial ground in Siberia.

Eleven of the bodies found in the medieval burial place had either smashed skeletons or missing and shattered skulls. They may have been damaged by their peers deliberately to prevent spells emanating from them. Who these people were remains a puzzle to Russian archeologists and experts.As we also mention earlier in one of our articles, hidden deep in the Ural Mountains are thousands of years old giant lines that are only visible from space. Who created them and for what purpose remains unknown.

Researchers estimate that this ancient giant figure is much older than the Nazca Lines of Peru.

In our article accuracy and complexity of the Arkain structure in the Ural Mountains we discussed another mysterious place in Siberia that is also a scientific enigma. People who visited Arkhaim, witnessed strange lights (not that of satellites) moving in the sky, mysterious light flashes, appearance of fog clusters and unexplained abrupt changes in atmospheric temperature.People often start to feel not well in the area, reporting unexplainable psychic tension and disturbances in blood pressure, body temperature and changes in heart beating rhythm.

Thousands of years old legends and myths from the region of Ural Mountains and ancient Siberia say that Arkaim is not any ordinary place where people live.On the contrary, four thousand years ago, the local inhabitants suddenly abandoned Arkaim and the empty settlement burnt.

What happened to these people? Were did the go?Now, we can add the enigmatic megaliths discovered by Georgy Sidorov to the list of unsolved mysteries. Perhaps this was once a site of great importance to an ancient lost civilization that used it for shamanistic or other unknown purpose.How many more secrets will we uncover in Siberia? Only time will tell… Siberia remains a land full of secrets.

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