Rock Faces Around the World

 Sphinx : South Coast / Sinemorets

Many believe that these are only natural rock formations.

That  nature is playing a trick on us.

This is not quite so. In all of them are traces of artificial trimming the scale of human activity to accept the scale desired shape. Many of them are consistent with celestial objects, it’s no secret .

Sphinx of Bucegi / Romania

Ebihens, France

St Andrews East Sands beach / Scottish beach

Old Man of the Park, near Sundance, WY.

Grey Man of Merrick – Galloway Forest Park

The Stone Head. A photograph of an enigmatic head in the Guatemalan jungle.

This was destroyed because it didn’t fit with the countries history.

La dame de Mali

Rodopi / Bulgaria

Sanctuary near S.Dolno

Even archeology agrees with this because around these rocks reveals millennial human activity which unequivocally defines these places as sacred sites and ancient temples . But even if it were not the forms themselves are unique and deserve our attention.

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