Ancient Mythology and Current Reality Part Two

Once upon a time there was a Great Mother Goddess who was worshipped all over the world. Under Her benevolent care, humans lived in peace with each other and in harmony with nature. Women were honored as her earthly representatives.
One day a band of male warriors with a violent male god invaded this utopia, destroying the Goddess and installing their god as the “one and only” deity. From that day forward, women were exploited, militarism was glorified, and sexual repression became the law. This new order is described in the Hebrew Bible.

So which culture did this story come from?

Or did every culture worship the same goddess at one time?

These are mother goddess artifacts from numerous cultures across the planet. Interesting that so many cultures are represented here.


So what is the Sphinx? A man, a woman,  a serpent, none of the above.

Vivant Denon etched the image of the Sphinx of Giza around 1798.. What is most intriguing is that Denon does not mention any damage to the nose or lips of the Sphinx.“Though its proportions are colossal, the outline is pure and graceful; the expression of the head is mild, gracious, and tranquil; the character is African,”


Look at all the different views of the Sphinx and tell me that our perception of history may be incorrect! How could someone see a female and another see a male?  Even the head on the Sphinx today, doesn’t look correct, it’s too small.

Hopi Legends and the ‘Flying Shields’


The Hopituh Shi-nu-mu (Hopi) people are one of the Native American tribes, descendants of the Ancient Pueblo people that lived in the South West Area of the US which today is called Four Corners (The cross between Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah). One of the groups of the Ancient Pueblo people was the mysterious Anasazi, the ‘Ancient Ones’ that flourished and disappeared mysteriously between 550 and 1300 AD. Hopi’s history goes back thousands of years making them one of the oldest living cultures in the world. The original name of the Hopi people, Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, means the ‘Peaceful People’. Traditionally, they lived according to the laws of the Creator, Maasaw. The Hopi believed that the gods came up from the ground, in contrary to other mythologies where their gods came from the sky. Their mythology suggests that the Ant People inhabited the heart of the Earth. When you see the Hopi Ant people you will find extreme similarities with what we depict today as ‘grey aliens’.


In the Hopi traditions there are cycles of time – similar to the Aztec mythology, as with many other mythologies. And they believed that at the end of each cycle the ‘gods’ return. We are currently going through the forth cycle on Earth. However, what is interesting in those cycles is the third one, where the Hopi talk about the ‘Flying Shields.’ This world of the forth cycle achieved an advanced civilization that was destroyed in the end by great floods, in a similar way as in many other traditions. In describing how advanced the third world was, advanced ‘flying shields’ were developed with the capability to attack cities that were far away and to travel quickly between different places of the world.

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