About Me

I am an avid seeker of the truth. Inspired many years ago by my American History and Political Science professor, Mr. Gregory Stephens, who taught us that there was more to our history books than what we were led to believe, I began to research and question those stories and views that are so arbitrarily passed on to us in school. Additionally, a brief encounter with something, 50 plus years ago, that to this day I am still unable to explain, I believe there are forces and worlds parallel to ours that come so close to us through various circumstances that it begs for more research and understanding.

It is important for me to not pass on my personal beliefs and opinions as much as it is to provide the facts, artifacts, pictures and stories and let YOU the reader discover and decide.

You will find that this blog will tend to “evolve” and change as we go. I have included many photos and research on ancient civilizations and cultures. As new stories and evidence comes forth, my post or pages will change to reflect this new information. Additionally, under the “Your Stories” page, you will find other people like yourself who have shared their own personal stories, experiences or articles of related interests.

I am very fortunate to hold a position that allows me to educate and share with others the information I have gathered. This is a collection of over 30 years of searching and collecting. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed collecting the evidence and sharing it with you.



Classes I’m currently teaching.

• Out of Places Artifacts

• Mars and Moon Anomalies

• History of the Sumerians

• The Temple of Man

• Forbidden History

• Archaeological Cover Ups

• 2012

• Ancient World Mysteries

• Ancient Discoveries

• History, Legends and Myths

• Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve

• Ancient Technology

• Aliens

• False Flags

• The Price of Royalty

• Underground America

• Secrets of the Ancient World

• The Rothschild Family

• Celestial Geometry

• Latest Archaeological Discoveries (2013)

• Psychosocial Study of Alien-Influence on Humanity–Ancient Times

• Psychosocial Study of Alien-Influence on Humanity–Modern Times

• Mysteries In Time 

• Goodbye Columbus

• Universal Myths Of The Ancient World

•  Four Assassinated Presidents

•  Ancient Mythology and Current Events

• Welcome to our Changing Reality

15 thoughts on “About Me

      • Precession causes our climate cycles of Continental glaciers with corresponding lower sea levels brought on by Global East to West tsunami’s every 13,000 years half the Great Year precessional yuga cycle. The last time was 12,000 years ago when Clovis civilization was wiped out, Younger Dryas Geological boundary layer and Gobekli tepe was buried by 19 separate tsunami’s that spanned MILLENIA.

        The Galactic Milankovitch cycles cause our climate cycles with the galactic bulge doing one full rotation every 240,000 years.

        Covid like Co2 is a LIE built upon an inconvenient truth. The Baby Boomers who were born en mass 75 years ago are starting to die from the usual suspects of Seasonal Flu/Pneumonia and old age. Vaccine is FINAL solution to the Goylim/Gentile depopulation problem.

        Jesus taught HUMANISM “Slave equal to master” unlike Judaism, Islamism and Nazism which teach tribalism, Us and them. Infidel, Goylim/Gentile, Master race/Chosen people.
        There is only one race with only one minority. The HUMAN race and Individual Human.
        We all came from our mothers as equal humans. No chosen people, no master race just US and those amongst us who think they are better than US because of their family lineages. Eugenics, Purity of blood, Inbreeding if you will.


  1. It is a pleasure to meet you, we hold many of the same ideals about our sites. History has always been an avid interest of mine tho my education was science orientated. I am certain to enjoy many visits here.


  2. Nice blog/site,very interesting-keep working on it! I have done a weebly free site at http://www.space-gods.com I just paid thiery quid for the url & like yours,its kind of a work in progress.It doesnt show up on google search for whatever reason..I live in Cornwall U.K. & since 2007 Ive seen several ufos,I managed to photograph some of them..been reading ever since


  3. You have an incredible collection! Wonderful! Very interesting! I am delighted to have met you! Your research is deep. I would like to talk with you in an interview. Thanks again.


  4. I am trying to get more info on my more than 100 Hongshan culture large jade figures. I can send you an email with an example if you want. I am told I have millions worth by an auction house in Florida but skeptical. I emailed them photos of two different pieces and they asked how many ounces each. I said pounds and they said they have only seen 2 or 3 in their entire career and doubt that I have so many. They said it would be the largest collection in the world, outside of China.


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