Strange Beings

This is a collection of strange being/creature artifacts.

The question is…

Are all of these different types of beings just based on mythology or did they really exist and interact with humans?

Why are so many artifacts  from our past portrayed as non-human creatures?

And why do almost all cultures start with some type of Serpent or Reptilian God?

6 thoughts on “Strange Beings

  1. I have enjoyed your website. I would like to know more about the Mayan stele found near Chiapas. Could you tell me where it was found and who originally published the picture? Thanks!


    • The photo was taken in the 1940’s. I have very little information on this artifact, except that it has disappeared from public view.
      If I get more info on it, I will gladly send you an update.
      Thank you for stopping by!


  2. Love seeing this i bookmarked this page nice to see a collection of pictures featuring things they do not allow on image search clearly because 75% of these artifacts (especially the ones of the annunaki) look exactly like extra terrestrials but i am so glad this is here way to go for making this ive seen some real good things to know even make me understand some faces at puma punku.. i just hope one day whomever holds to truth of what happened before our records comes out cause ive been reaserching it forever and im only 25 i belevie in god but i also know the universe we know goes beyond what people think..good website


    • Evan, first thanks for stopping by!
      I’m so glad to hear another person say what you said.
      If everyone would just look at the historical evidence and not get caught up in religion or past beliefs, I think the “thinking ” on our history would turn around.
      Sadly, most people don’t want to think about it or are afraid to look for they may see something that will change their reality.
      But all the proof that history is very different from what we are being told is available to those who can see it.
      Thanks again!!!


  3. What a fantastic find to make my day. I have been looking for something like this for ages.
    I too go along with what Evan has said and have gotten so disillusioned I put my interest on the back burner so to speak.
    Do you have a sign in


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