Just to let you know…

I am posting this for my husband Mike Brown. Mike passed away here recently.

He enjoyed posting for you and sincerely tried to find the truth in everything he researched. In time, I will try to post some of the remaining elements of interest I found that he was working on.

Thank you for finding his posts interesting and being a part of what he found to be fascinating.

Most sincerely,

Ginny Brown

8 thoughts on “Just to let you know…

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. I found the articles by your husband to be very informative. I will miss them but look forward to seeing what you will be posting. Thank you for letting us know.


  2. I wish you, Ginny, stay strong until we meet again in other dimension. I am sure Mike look for you and guide you in his best way. R.I.P. Mike, see you but not yet! with all my respect, Gabi.


  3. Hi Ginny, I just saw this post…This message leaves me beyond sad and I’m so sorry for your loss. Would you be able to contact me please? Erin (from Denver, previously St. Louis)


  4. Many years have passed … Sending condolences and a thank you for maintaining your husband’s blog. It is obvious he was aware of the many different aspect of what we call “reality”. May you always be blessed. – gfs


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