In this gallery I have posted numerous drawings, paintings and photos of aliens or flying machines people have claimed to see.

 The debate or question is…

if aliens exist, how long have they been here? Some cultures even suggest, that they have created humans.

There’s over 8 million species of life on this planet alone.

The possiblity that other planets never developed life seems improbable.

3 thoughts on “Aliens

  1. A great collection of what we homo sapiens conceive an alien to look like. An aspect that strikes me is the large eyes and eye sockets most of the depictions show. What could be the reason for this? Interestingly, computer based projections seem to indicate that in about a million years ( should we survive that long!) , the human species would also have larger eyes than presently. Does this mean that our perception of aliens is based on what we would become eventually?




    • Shakti,
      All through history I see ancient cultures with artifacts, drawings and paintings of large eyes.
      It does make one wonder where this originated.
      And yes, it certainly could have been from right here on earth.
      I wonder, if humans were underground for long periods of time, how that alone would
      effect their physical appearance.


  2. And as for the ” grays ” why does everyone say its a UFO a round plate that fly’s should be extremely dizzy for that length of travel. Common since let us go around in a disk come here to experiments on the human race for no reason just cause we can. And as for the government saying we denied everything because we want this, give this to people that think everyone is after them. Think we got alien race coming here as for the other one they know not to be coming here forbidden to come here that’s why they communicat not come here they don’t want to be ripped apart by the ones who left that tech here.


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